Tortured Soul

Tortured Soul is my first attempt at a novel.  It is currently, sitting on my desk needing an editor.  

The premise of the story is as follows.


     Murder. Betrayal. Sex. This is not the fresh start, Maggie, a beautiful, young woman from Muller Creek, had anticipated when heading off to college and leaving the remnants of her childhood behind.

     Everything is seemingly perfect, when in a desperate attempt to forget her dark past, Maggie quickly falls under the spell of her seductively handsome counselor, Stephen Brown.  Her entire existence begins to crumble when she becomes the prime suspect of murder.  She soon realizes her only hope for salvation would come from revisiting the past and trusting a love gone by, Deputy Jason Steele.  Blinded by his desire to both save Maggie and salvage what is left of her tormented life, Jason is met with obstacle after obstacle and soon discovers just how deep the corruption and callousness runs in this small town.  Is his love strong enough to fight corruption, the past, and the apparent mental collapse of his beloved Maggie?  Or will the pressure of murder and deception be too much for either one of them to endure?


Please give me your input.  Would you be interested in this novel? S/V/L - Trigger warning, this book does contain SA.